Tornado Cleaning provides quality and guaranteed cleaning service of your
chimney and fireplace in whole Hampton Roads area. Chimney cleaning is often
misunderstood process and too many homeowners categorize it as a job that can
be done every once in awhile. Consumer needs to realize why chimney cleaning
is important and what could happen if it is not Taken care of in timely
fashion. Any chimney that is used on a regular basis or has ever been used
more than likely has some build up that has accrued inside. Burning logs
release gases and can cause carbon or creosote deposits to accumulate on the
walls of chimney, and results can be disastrous. Most homeowners believe
that a chimney is fireproof and that chimney fire may just cause an odor
issue, but the unfortunate truth is that flames often spread along the top
into the rafters and roof and can quickly burn the entire home to ground. A
common misconception is the natural gas fireplaces do not require any type
of routine cleaning. The actual fact of the matter is that any type of fire
is going to cause some build-up and wear on the interior. The most effective
way to prevent chimney fires is to have regular maintenance and cleaning
performed by a qualified professional. Many of the services that are offered
may not be of dire importance, but chimney cleaning is actually one of the
tasks that must be kept up with to avoid any potential trouble in the future.
If a homeowner has any doubt about their chimney, it is always better to be
safe than sorry and our qualified professionals are always willing to provide
advice in Hampton Roads area.
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